Friday, March 29, 2013

yes, it's friday, but....

for those of us who are Christians, we know that friday wasn't the end, that Sunday came and life began anew.  nature's personification of that truth is evident in the spring awakening, now finally a reality here in coastal maine.  way overdue, too, if you ask me.  the summer seasonal places are starting to open on a regular basis and patio furniture is appearing in stores.  spring brings summer and summer brings maine quilts, so today i've been working on my project to display.  auditioning fabric is soooo taxing....not!  and some time today, the fedex truck will be making a brief stop bringing......fabric?  of course!


  1. Yes, Good Friday is good all around! And the fabric bunny is coming to your house, too? Wheeee!

  2. How did I not ever know about the fabric bunny? I'll need to remember that for next year!
    Happy Easter, Grace. : )


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