Sunday, February 24, 2013


in the course of any year, i take few workshops and from those, even fewer result in fully completed projects when the workshop is over.  today was a delightful exception!  my mondo  bag is all done, yes done!  already thinking of using it when spring and summer breezes finally arrive.  judging from today's weather, it won't be anytime soon.  with phoebe back in her little corner after a busy day's work, it's back to the old viking for more work on scrappy indigo.  but after a harrowing weather day, it's a hot shower, flannel jammies and a funny book....garrison keillor's "guy noir and the straight skinny".....a laugh-out-loud adventure. 


  1. Nice looking bag, Grace.
    And I like your plans for finishing up the evening!

  2. I LOVE your bag---a perfect Spring bag.


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