Saturday, January 12, 2013


if you are thinking, "hey wait, didn't she finish that," then you would be right.  it often got hung during december as one of my wallhangings of the month.  but this year it got taken to work for my cube during christmas.  while looking at it these past 2 months, i realized i don't like it much, but i do love the fabrics sooooo it has been unquilted and will get unpieced next.  the fabric will get washed and put into the scrap basket for another project (see lower right corner).  currently working on gail pan's "christmas wishes" wallhanging that will take its place every december. how about you, have you ever "unquilted" anything?  i thought it would be painful but it wasn't. 


  1. I have unquilted small parts when I didn't like the quilting I had done, but I don't think I have ever unquilted and unpicked to preserve fabric I liked. I don't think I like any fabric well enough to undo all of that work. : )

  2. EGADS! Are ye mad, woman? LOL! I have too many new fabrics and new projects waiting to be used to ever unpick a finish. Ahhh, well, if it makes you happy, my dear, go right ahead. We all love you no matter what!


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