Friday, January 4, 2013

extra! extra!

just this morning heard that my aussie package has arrived!  this was mailed from south portland post office on november 21, 2012, when i was told 7-10 days for arrival.  they were off just a bit it seems.  **** and more good news, our mercury is up a bit this morning, double digits.  weather guru says january thaw on the way.....yippee!  **** yesterday was visiting day to relatives so not much sewing to report.  did manage to work on postage stamps and also quilt some on the first UFO finish.  just a few errands today so hope to spend quality time with the old viking.  just maybe i can fling the wool socks...remains to be seen, er felt.


  1. If that package could talk--wonder what adventures it has had?

  2. Grace - I would have said that 7-10 days from Maine to Australia was optimistic. From LA to Sydney, yes, but not from the east coast. Delivery times would also depend on where in Australia your parcel was heading. But, all that said, November 21 should have been plenty of time to ensure a pre-Christmas delivery.

    Anyway, I'm pleased that it has eventunally turned up.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. It was on its (long) journey to me, so I was pretty pleased too, Megan! I'd love to know where it has been. And Grace, our mercury is down a bit today - late 30s temperatures yesterday (waY too hot for me) much pleasanter mid-20s today. Hot again next week, not looking forward to that, so apart from my two days at work, I'll be at home stitching.

  4. never believe the PO leading up to Christmas.....some parcels go fast and some really slow........thank goodness it arrived safe with Jan and she loves it..........thanks for being part of the SSCS


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