Tuesday, January 22, 2013

baby emma

now that embroidery is done on christmas wishes, i pulled these fabrics to start the applique on jo morton's "baby emma" wallhanging.  i like to have a small applique project handy to travel with for odd moments.  not all of these will be used, but love those dark cheddary orange fabrics!  the pieces are traced as of now and might get ironed on today, we'll see.  **** in the deep freeze here but it does keep the snow away, so it isn't all bad.  as long as one has plenty of fleece pants, wool socks and comfy quilts, which i do!  *** for keeping warm while TV watching, quilting on the autumn change and also just about done with the little house project.  i made a total of 12, which is enough, but they are so darn cute.  now to get out those socks.....


  1. I love this collection of fabrics--and recognize some of them. That is such a great pattern, too. This will be lovely!

  2. Boy, it's zero degrees here this morning! I went right for the home knit wool socks and they are good and warm.

  3. Grace, I Love the fabrics you have chosen. I would have a ball working with those colors! Mickey


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