Saturday, April 14, 2012

daytrip photo

the best way to ward off triskaidekaphobia is to ignore it, so mom and i ventured across the border to north conway, nh, for sightseeing and sustenance.  we lamented the loss of the old man on the mountain and gasped at the oodles of snow still on top.  the town was bustling due to early warm spring temps and a waning winter that was nowhere to be found.  we checked out empty storefronts and headed for a yummy burger, not a fast food one!  mom and dad spent their honeymoon in north conway all those years ago and often revisited and rekindled.  with dad gone now, mom and i make the trip once or twice yearly so she can recall those special memories.  i am blessed to be able to do this for her.  the only challenge was several spots where construction is in full swing and had to dodge the orange cones.  and i was good...avoided 2 whole quilt shops!

sew busy

last week i dug out my civil war reds to start this little quilt...the blocks will be 8" square when finished.  these are needleturn and it's difficult to see the actual pattern from this photo, but it's more intricate than at first glance.  as mentioned, i was looking at moda's friendship red prints, but after pulling these, i think i have enough for what i need....and then some.  ***** another project, you say?  never fear, i did have 2 small finishes this weekend, will post photos later, so i am getting things off my list, too.  it's easy to do when i spend my free days at home in the studio rather than gallivanting, which i did 2 of 3 days off....more about our daytrip later, too.

Friday, April 13, 2012

solution 1

this pattern is by sherri driver from a 2011 mccall's quilting magazine.  i'm thinking it should help alleviate some of the overcrowding, or at least help.  i love making the little quilts but it's clear that i need to bring in the "big guns" to make progress a bit faster.  this would be a quilted quilt, not tied, and will probably be mine for the time being.  ***** on a tad more serious note, for those of you who follow my blog and believe in prayer, i ask that you uphold my DD today.  can't be more specific but this mom's heart is hurting, as most moms would, in this situation.  band-aids won't work anymore like they did when she was small and prayer is the most effective first-aid i have.  i am grateful if  you could do the same.  i can't be there to wrap her in my arms but God can, with your help.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


last summer i took jo morton's class at maine quilts.  at the time, i had only 1 small clear shoebox of civil war reproduction fabrics, hence the title of today's post.  i am absolutely loving making small repro quilts, so much so that i haven't given a thought to bed-size quilts for some time now.  i'm not whining, mind you, simply having a bit of a reality check here.  besides these 2 overflowing shoeboxes, i have 2 more regular ones that can be closed, albeit full.  that explains why i've been starting a new little quilt nearly every week...sometimes 2!   tomorrow i'll post a solution.

wednesday progress

so, i got this far on this little project.  isn't it cute?  i think so.  next up?  a couple of borders/corner blocks to finish it off.  the civil war stash is really inspiring me to make a gazillion of these little quilts....i'm channeling my inner jo morton/kathleen tracy....LOL!  *****  so, what else did i get done yesterday?  prepped background blocks for ANOTHER little quilt, an applique style with those fabulous red prints.  i also finished cutting the freezer paper honeycomb hexagons for my amish quilt; in fact, only about 30 or so more to iron onto fabric.  i also quilted on a UFO little quilt that should be done fairly soon.  i'm taking a mini-break from the pinwheel to finish up a couple of small things.  this is the upside of having lots of projects in process; a lot of them tend to get done around the same time.  i'll be working on these and others today and tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

new header photo

this is the same location but a more springy-summery atmosphere.  many times i took the subway across the river to and from work; it is one of my favorite views of the city.  the sun is shining here in maine today too, but a tad on the cooler side--normal spring weather!  up early and shopping the stash; already prepped a stack of HSTs for the blue cheese bowtie piece.  waiting for 9ish to start sewing..neighbors, you know.  it's my 3-day weekend and have no real plans, hoping to get mucho sewing and quilting done and just plain enjoy.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

sneak peek

ok, so here is the finishing fabric for my little 3" shoofly blocks.  it's a darkish poison green that i think sets off these little gems very nicely.  i saw this color combo in a book and wanted to try it so i judiciously made a little quilt rather than something larger.  with all my other projects, this one will take enough time to finish.  **** tomorrow i want to get started on finishing the blue cheese piece also; remember, the cheddar/blue bow ties?  it'll have a 1" finished outer border and then a blue/cheddar sawtooth border.  then i will baste and quilt and call it a finish.  ***** also on the agenda this weekend is more on "just takes 2" which is sorely needed.  i did get one more unit done but i'm still way behind on this project.  ***** and as usual, busy quilting away on the amish pinwheel.  plenty more to do since i added the swirly feather pinwheels to the center of the gray areas, but it really needed more quilting and it's soooo delicious to quilt with a wool batt.  i'll probably get it done just in time to pack away in the cedar chest until fall. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

a PIF squishie!

as part of her "pay it forward" campaign, denise made and sent me this beautiful wool runner PLUS some gorgeous fabric as well!  ooooh, i love the fall season and this is exactly right for fall!  and who CAN'T use more fabric?  so the gauntlet falls to me.   the first 3 people who leave a comment will receive a hand-made gift from me in the next year.  but you must commit to paying it forward as well.  i'll be watching to see if anyone is interested.  **** last night while watching frozen planet i started a new little quilt, yes i did.  it's the fabric, it called to me and i answered promptly.  i also quilted some on the amish pinwheel, which really needs to be finished soon as warmer weather approaches.  this morning again it's 41 degrees, which is definite real spring. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Blitz!

our complex is called, "olde english village" and now i know why.  on occasion, the parking lot resembles the london blitz during WWII.  picture this:  my bedroom is on the parking lot side and spaces come right up to my window.  i was sound asleep saturday night when all of a sudden some dickhead in the complex--right in front of my open window as it happens--honked his horn about 6 times.  oh yeah, that woke me up for sure!  after that it was a parade of bright headlights, people coming and going along with talking.  i couldn't get back to sleep for most of the night.  so, i've had it with this place.  i am starting to disperse some fling-ables and have started looking around for other digs.  why this doesn't happen when i don't have to work i'll never know, but to happen on a night before work is devastating.  i'm furious and am thinking a refrigerator box in the middle of a field would be more quiet.  i realize many in the building work different shifts; no problem there.  it's the total lack of regard or courtesy for other tenants that makes me furious.  i wait until 7 am to do a wash in the hall.  i keep my TV on mute until 7 am usually, and i don't sew or shred before 9 am.  as i've said before, lately the quality of the tenant population has suffered, meaning people who don't give a damn about the rights of other tenants.  often there are 2-3 roommates to a single apartment, which ups the traffic considerably.  i really hate this place and hope i'll be out soon.