Saturday, March 31, 2012

runner flimsy

phoebe and i got this pinwheel runner flimsy done yesterday.  i really like this pattern. this is the 3rd one i have made; the first in christmas fabrics, the second lilac and now this one.  it's an atkinson pattern, which are always good!  **** next machine project is to finish those little 3" blocks for a small quilt.  the quilting on the pinwheel is ongoing and think i'll quilt the pineapple blossom next, either that or the feathered star--a gift for DD and DSIL.  **** as march winds down, we are getting typical march weather; cold winds, sunny, seasonable temps.  yesterday took a ride to wells to a favorite lunch spot right on the ocean.  it looked inviting from the inside but cold winds whipping across the inlet ouside.  there is talk of snow around but not here...yet anyway. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

a phoebe phirst

isn't it cute!  it's phoebe's phirst little patchwork square; a 3" done in civil war fabrics for a new little quilt.  i also worked some on my batik pinwheel runner and am simply thrilled with this little machine.  though it doesn't have the power or the stitch variety of the old viking, its stitch is second to none.  phoebe still smells a bit musty, as does the case, but i'm leaving it open and phoebe on the table to air them out.  the fabric softener sheet helped quite a bit, so i'll give it a second try.  **** the sun is up and i've things to do before returning to work tomorrow for a short day.  i find i get so much more done knowing that endless free time is no longer available.  **** quilting along on the amish pinwheel, hoping for an april finish.  after that i'm going to try and finish a stack of the smaller things, plus i've also taken up a couple of cross-stitch projects on linen--you know, vintage, antique-y looking things; good summer stitching projects. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

oldies but goodies

if you were quilting in the 1980s like i was, chances are you used one of these books.  though not very thick, they are jam-packed with hundreds of quilting designs.  time and time again over the years, i have pulled them out to find just the right quilting design for a given space on one of my quilts.  there are block, border and square ideas galore.  and so it was last night too.  i've finished the urn design on the amish pinwheel and started quilting the individual squares.  the gray background makes it own sort of pinwheel and it needed something.  and of course i found just the right thing for that background space, a sort-of feathery pinwheel that fits the theme perfectly!  **** yesterday i also brought out phoebe for a little bonding time.  i saw a color combo recently of civil war fabric that i wanted to try and i've started on another little quilt, phoebe's very first--since she's been mine of course.  her little sojourn in the case after being thoroughly lubricated and oiled did wonders for her, and she is running smoooooth!  **** our snow?  gone before lunchtime yesterday; more was predicted for today, but at 42 degrees it seems to be a weather miss. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

say it ain't so!

even though the date on my camera is sooo wrong, this was THIS morning, march 28th.  hard to believe one week ago it was 80+ degrees, we were at the beach, thinking we had completely dodged the winter bullet but nooooo!  not that snow is unheard of here in march, but we were hoping it was long gone.  we'll just have to wait a bit until later today, although the same is predicted for tomorrow morning, eeeeeekkk!  enough already!  maybe THIS is the end of it.  ****  today it's back to the batik pinwheel and quilting on the amish pinwheel also.  with 3 days left to finish my march little basket quilt, it isn't going to happen.  but, i have now arrived at a finish for my blue cheese bow tie/cheddar piece, so that'll become a finished flimsy at some point soon.  ***** it's my weekend so i'm off to get started, winter hat and itchy sunburn notwithstanding.

Monday, March 26, 2012

work accessory

this is what the well-dressed cube is going to be wearing tomorrow!  with all the scraps i have on hand, i could make one for everybody (not free of course) but especially me.  with the help of carol doak's book and PP alphabets, i got this done in lickity split time.  i'll hang it up tomorrow, which is friday for me, yippee!  i am far too design-challenged to do these freehand for sure.  **** peeking out from the name is my batik pinwheel piece...i love it, don't you?  i can't wait to get it all pieced...this week i hope....

Sunday, March 25, 2012

not pretty....yet

it's over half quilted as of now, hoping to have it done in another week or so.  then i can start on the squares and switch back to the smaller square frame.  the hoop works great for this size design but can be unwieldy.  the transfer-eze is ideal for this but it makes the quilting a bit more difficult, not to mention little surprises that might be revealed once the web is washed off.  while i don't like to use sprays or chemicals on my fabric, it seemed the best solution for this large and intricate design.  ***  a few more little basket blocks are done as well.  i don't know how many more i'll need for a little quilt; that will need to be decided soon.  ****  also on this week's list?  mark and baste the feathered star and finish sewing the batik pinwheel puzzle, among other things.  maybe i'll get that basted too.  but tonight?  mad men and sleep after an 8-hour workday.