Saturday, March 10, 2012

nest drama

if you've been reading this blog for a while, you know i follow the eagle's nest at the norfolk (VA) botanical garden.  this year the dad had to find a new mate.  he has courted 3 females so far and #3 was getting settled into the nest; sleeping there at night, eating when he brought food and generally considering it "home."  however, #4 female came on the scene a couple of days ago and was chased off by dad.  problem is, #3 hasn't been seen at the nest for 2 days and #4 is trying to get the male to cozy up to her.  on thursday #3 and #4 had an altercation and locked talons but no serious injury to either.  the male has yet to mate with #4 but she is getting pretty comfy around and in the nest the male has prepared for eggs.  it's getting late for eggs to be laid--end of march is usually the latest--so unless things settle down soon, there probably won't be any eggs in this nest this year.  today there are over 13,000 people watching this drama play out in nature that is better than any hollywood script. 

snippets fun

what do you do when you have only little snippets of time here and there?  why, you work on your hexies of course!  and not those itty, bitty, teeny, weeny, under 1 inch things either; mine measure 3" across the middle and i wouldn't have it any other way.  these are for an amish-y honeycomb twin size quilt in the works.  as for when it will be a flimsy is anyone's guess.  these are mostly hand-dyed solids from cherrywood fabrics and are they luscious both in color and quality.  they advertise a suede-like feel and they are so right.  i can recommend them highly.  i can't afford the yardage--it's pricey--but these are from one of their grab bags of small pieces.  i need a total of 202 of these hexies, 12 half hexies and some little triangles (not sure which kind) to make it rectangular.  it's an ideal grab and go project....for the time being anyway.  ***** back to cold temps today but not for long.  if we don't get anymore snow, it won't bother me a bit.  easter is late this year--mid april--and i've seen fast-moving blizzard-type conditions on easter sunday before, so we can't rest easy yet.  ***** national quilting day is one week from today.  it's not a hallmark holiday at all but no less celebratory to us of the quilty persuasion.  lots of related events going on of which to partake and enjoy, not the least of which are the online retail therapy kind.  web surfers beware!

Friday, March 9, 2012

would you believe?

picture it:  midnight - march - maine - 50 degrees, that's right 50 at midnight in maine in march!  simply unheard of.  in the daytime it was 60+ degrees, the record being 60 back in 1878.  that means in our 1970s era cluster apartments it was quite warm.  that's how it is.  when it's bitter cold out, the place is freezing; when it's warm out it's also warm inside.  the promise of "control your own heat" is a complete fallacy. and tonight?  a mere 24 hours later?  the weather heads are talking snow.   

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

a few more

though i'm primarily sewing the little swap piece, i did have a few moments to finish up more little baskets.  i think they are sooo cute!  with all the repro fabrics i have, there are endless combinations.  i know i'll be making more of these, though i doubt they will end up as a full-size or bed-size quilt.  ***** my little dresden plate quilt is nearly ready to bind, so i guess i'll have another finish in march as well.  i have 3 bed-size quilts basted and the center diamond that just needs the last border quilted, so i've plenty of projects to choose from to be tackled next. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

a handy item resurfaces

when new, the old viking came with this handy dandy extension table.  i admit it has been hardly used.  last week i saw someone with a newer viking using her extension table and thought, hmmm, i have one of those.  today i was working on a small quilt so decided to pull it out and am glad i did.  it is useful indeed.  and, as you can see, my little quilt project is paper pieced.  i printed the pattern from the computer onto my carol doak foundation papers.  i can't show you yet, it's a swap gift, but rest assured it'll go on display as soon as possible.  and the magnetic poetry?  it reads, "my still sweet friend and apparatus always"  and "winter sings as tiny bitter diamonds,"  what can i say...i'm an English major....LOL  **** am i the only one who feels terribly rich just watching the devastation from those tornadoes?  i doubt it.  my loved ones are the real riches here, not the stuff i use or collect.  it isn't that i don't know that absolutely, but it's easy to forget sometimes.  i am humbled by those who are persevering in spite of this terrible destruction and devastation.  if you feel the same, send your donation to The Salvation Army, the tangible face of caring in any disaster.