Friday, February 10, 2012

friday flingee

somebody took friday fling very seriously.  the UPS man arrived with a box that contained this collection of civil war repro fabrics PLUS a jo morton book.  it's somebody i don't know but to say i'm pleased is an understatement.  the entire collection is just over 21 yards and a great assortment of colors!  i'm not sure what the reasoning was behind this gift, but i gratefully and humbly accept.  now to find a place to put it....

today's entry is brought to you by...

the number 5, as in i'm now working on vertical row 5 of orca bay, of which there are 7 total i think.  so, i decided a brief detour was allowed.  this feathered star has been on my design wall far too long.  there's only a bit left to get the flimsy done.  just a couple more rows of the HSTs to set in and i can work on corner squares and triangles.  this is a gift so i would like to get it to the quilting stage.  sorry about the DWR background but of course the design wall is completely covered with orca bay.  **** as per usual, i'm also working on a couple of small projects which are under cover until completed.  and i'm also tackling the browns/muslin project now and then.  i am truly working on UFOs but no more finishes yet; probably there will be 2-3 close together as i tend to finish things in a bunch.  and--confession here--i started another project, a hexie amish quilt with no deadline to finish but i needed to bust some of my solid stash.  as we all know, one twin quilt top doesn't result in significant reduction of fabric, but it all goes to using it up.  happy to say the last few projects i've started have been ENTIRELY from purchases at all.  this is a good thing indeed!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

a boomer sewist toy

kudos to olfa (and other manufacturers too) for creating this little ergonomic rotary cutter.  when i started quilting there was no rotary cutter.  i quickly obtained one and have been a faithful user ever since.  now that i am of a "certain age" and looking to preserve joint function, i snapped this up on sale to insure future rotary cutting.  and even better, it's easily adaptable for us sinister know, lefties!  ***** after a brief chill we are back in the 40s today and tomorrow...wahoo, my kind of winter!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


yesterday it was 41 degrees; this morning it is 14 degrees.  go figure....

a good day

when asked for his idea of a good day, a former POW replied, "any day there is a doorknob on the inside is a good day."  so by that criteria it is a good day here.  there are doorknobs on the inside, a car with gas and i have a key, a comfy bed and quilts under which to snuggle, a full refrigerator and plenty of electricity, endless cable channels and my trusty old viking.  i am keenly aware so many can't say the same and i'm thankful and happy to share when i can.  i am also ashamed to say i am devastatingly morose in spite of these visible comforts.  years ago i knowingly married an active, infantile, destructive alcoholic totally oblivious of the real life ramifications.  i was fortunate to escape after 11 years with divorce and my precious child.  i've been in maine nearly 11 years now and it's the same, albeit different misery.  despite glossy postcards of pristine beaches, reflective lakes and lush pines, my life here is anything but idyllic.  it's been 11 years of substandard healthcare, ignorant and denigrating employers resulting in chronic joblessness, isolation, endless winters and sporadic financial destitution with hardly any change in all this time.  i drown myself in quilting and online chats, but they are only temporary.  i sporadically hit the local pool to boost my endorphins and energy when weather permits.  sometimes i elope for a day or two to experience freedom from monotony.  i'm content to never marry again.  i only hope i'll be able to reclaim a content and meaningful lifestyle...and soon. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

recycling perk

went to dispose of recycling the other day and found this....a clear tote.  no lid, but no matter.  fortunately i was able to hoist myself up to reach.  i brought it home, washed and dried and use it for completed projects.  now they won't topple over when piled too high.  the finished quilt on the left is to be sent along to its recipient.  the basted pineapple blossom on the left is to be quilted.  the yellow and green flannel is the batt for the antique quilt top, once it is mended.  there's a skinny bolt of muslin there and the pillow.  oh yeah, the boston commons top is there too.  the white batt on top of the tote is for that.  good thing i don't work, plenty still to do. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

good and bad

but certainly not ugly!  the good part is obvious; the bad part is there are 4 pesky purple triangles facing the wrong way!  like how did that happen?  probably watching TV while sewing is how.  anyway, i've got these 3 rows done here with 4 more to go.  fat tuesday is february 21st and i am hoping this top will be done way before then, maybe even wouldn't that be great!  **** also while working on this flimsy, i've been doing a cross-stitch piece, plus sewing on 4 other quilt projects, probably why it isn't done yet.  i am anxious to see it all together though and get all those pieces off the sewing table.