Saturday, January 28, 2012

two done

now that i've finished all those purple strippie squares (YAY), i quickly moved on to another project--just takes 2.  i'm using browns with muslin because that's what is on hand.  most of the browns i have are civil war era repros, so it won't be THAT boring i don't think.  the block on the left was made with 2 nickels i found in my stash.  i'm a little behind on this project but hoping to catch up soon.  and those are the purple strippies directly behind, cut into triangles; now to rip out the papers and put the squares together.  i'm also working on another small piece, a challenge, using jo morton's 'variety' line.  more multitasking, yep!

Friday, January 27, 2012

multitasking friday

sitting here at the old viking on a very rainy friday morning trying to finish up these strippies; i think i have 10 left to do, so looks good for a friday finish on these.  i'm also copying my vinyl LPs (that's long playing for you younger readers) to the laptop and then to CDs.  this will free up space on my shelves for what else....quilting stuff! ****  i did have errand plans but put them on hold until the weather is better.  since i don't have to venture out in bad weather, sometimes i just don't.  we got snow during the night but the rain has washed it all away...and then some.  mom has a one-pot dinner on the stove so it's a low maintenance day all around. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

sewing detour

the constant glare of purple resulted in my eyes drooping, so i took a tiny detour and assembled these chunky churndash blocks.  a few years ago i participated in a swap and made about 24 of these, sent them off and never got anything back!  not sure what happened but i found these leftovers and so decided to make them up.  at some point i'll make a lot more and put together a flimsy to tie and donate, probably.  or, i might keep it because don't ya know, i love scrappy quilts!  **** basking in march weather here in late january; the calendar means nothing at all this winter!  i'm only hoping it doesn't turn on us come june/july/august.  **** just about over my cold and so hoping to get into my browns/muslin project soon and maybe those little houses too...aren't they adorable?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

january christmas

at our belated family holiday celebration earlier this month, i received a gift certificate to a quilt shop from my brother/sister-in-law.  today i finally got to select my goodies from oodles of choices.  i know i said i wasn't going to collect batiks, but these colors were so bright, i couldn't leave them behind.  then there are a few repros to add to my stash.  it sure doesn't feel like christmas at all; at 3 am awoke from being too warm, 45 degrees outside after a whopping 9 degrees yesterday morning. today it's been over 50 and foggy/sunny with lots of melting.  tomorrow is another warm, march-like day and then a bit cooler the rest of the week.  this is truly the wackiest winter i've experienced in a very long time, if ever.  **** last night i did get more purple strippies done; still stripping i'm afraid.

Monday, January 23, 2012

foot envy

all over blogland i see perfectly pedicured toes--toes at the beach, toes relaxing on lounges, etc., etc.  well, this is maine and this is january and so i've decided to post the antithesis of these perfectly painted toes.  i've had these sox for about 30 years and they have been called into action on a frequent basis.  you can't see the bottoms, but the grips are little milk cans.  i got them at the totes outlet in kittery; my daughter got a pair as well (not cows).  dr. oz says warm feet can enhance the sleep experience.  i could have told him that 30 years ago as well, else why would i have bought them?  **** yesterday finally finished the immediate inside borders on the amish center diamond.  now i've only the outside 10" border and its corner squares to quilt.  this is going to be a bit tricker.  first, i have to baste on temporary borders, do some math, some marking and then i'll be able to start....but it won't be today.  any sewing today will be of purple strippie squares.