Saturday, January 7, 2012

my confession

as a refresher, i'll remind you of my previous confession....i am (or was) a log cabin flunkie.  new york beauty?  no problem; cathedral windows?  piece of cake, but log cabin success evaded me.....until now.  here are my first six after receiving some invaluable tips that catapulted me into log cabin heaven!  and i didn't have to take any one of them ripping, no redoing, nada!  my last log cabin disaster was the amish wallhanging; 9 blocks, 5 of which were redone at least once.  i'm pretty sure it's a case of right/left confusion, but a real pro gave me some inside tricks that have nothing to do with turning them, well almost.  i am giddy with log cabin success, truly!  i also got some ideas on organizing my strips to avoid the wrinkled clump in the shoebox.  that's my chore for the weekend, to get them all ironed and sorted lights/darks.  to quote mrs. goodneedle, "life is good!"  **** i spent a bit more time quilting on the amish center diamond and have pulled out stencils for the remaining 2 long borders.  only the corner squares on the final border need quilting, along with the 2 outside long borders.  i also got the gray scrappy pinwheel quilt basted with the wool batt.  that will probably be the next to get quilted.  it's over 40 degrees here today, so not sure how long winter will last or if it will ever really get here.  thank you jet stream!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

orca bay deconstructed

the title is a bit of a misnomer as i haven't actually CONstructed the top yet.  what you see are all the various parts in various stages of completion.  yes, all the ohio star blocks are done as are the cheddar strippy squares.  i've still more purple strippies to do as well as finish up the green triangles AND cut the light triangles for the border units.  whew!  i am on my third set of 6 bobbins for this project alone; that's right, i've already used 12 bobbins of thread, currently on my 13th, not to mention my 3rd spool of the stuff.  i am still thinking this will be a january finish as i've almost nothing else to do every day.  **** i've also been quilting on the center diamond, just about finishing the 4th brown triangle; next are the brown corner squares of the next border and then the borders, for which i'm thinking baptist fans....not sure yet.  i've had a stencil of fans i bought ages ago and this would be a good place to use it, i think.  once that border is done, it's just the outside, which is about 11" wide--plenty of luscious quilting space indeed!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

first finish

and they're off!  this is my first finish of 2012, right off my UFO list.  i finished the binding last night and dunked it in cold water to remove the quilting lines.  even the yellow chalk came off, which is a very good thing!  this will go in my pile of finished items that i'd like to sell at some point.  only 27 to go.  i also spent time quilting on the center diamond last night, since the weather is now officially frigid--albeit the ground still green as a shamrock.  that's right, we are still "sans snow" for which the snowmobilers and skiers are all now on prozac, but those of us who hate to drive in the stuff are happy as proverbial clams! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

sneak peek

even though i haven't finished all the parts yet, i couldn't resist putting this together to get a preview of the finished top.  i spent most of monday working on the ohio star blocks and they are just about done.  i still have plenty of purple strippy squares to do and some of the green triangles to finish as well.  i haven't even cut the "lights" for the border yet either.  however, i will have a UFO finish this week some time, so that's good.  ****  also, spent time trying to create a bit more space in my room.  i've gone through all the elfa drawers and pleased to find they hold less fabric.  i also found a smaller tote for all my cross-stitch patterns/fabric, also good.  next up?  pulled some small pieces that have to be cut into squares/strips.  i have to do this occasionally.  ***** on the job front, i got another response to my applications, so that would be a game changer for sure. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

a table quandary

this is a table i saw on the IKEA website.  trouble is, closest IKEA 125 miles from here and it can't be shipped.  sooo, there are 2 other tables i've been considering for the old viking.  both are from staples.  one is a melamine topped 4-foot table, the other is a formed resin top 4-foot table.  i've read comments on both.  the resin looks sturdy but customer comments indicate it's a bit wobbly.  the melamine top is made of particle board, so i'm wondering about the long-term life of that.  at the thrift the other day, i looked at a sewing machine and that table was made of particle board.  when i opened it up and pulled out the machine, it fell out onto the floor.  i checked home depot and lowe's and they have about the same thing....both of these are in my price range.  i'm not totally sold on any of the options i've seen so far.  the antique table is solid wood, no particle board and no resin.  i had hoped to select the melamine top but i've reconsidered and will keep looking.  i was considering an elfa desk with the wire drawers, but that top is also particle board.  perhaps the melamine or resin table WITH a wood topper might be the most economical solution.  years ago i had the ideal table and it was in storage for a long time, but i finally tossed it because it seemed pointless to keep.  where was my crystal ball then?