Tuesday, December 4, 2012


looks like i collected a few too many scrappy indigos.  some will go into the civil war repros stash and the others back in the regular blue stash; some will go to a scrappy binding too.  i love scrappy quilts but in order to have a real nice scrappy, a large selection of fabrics is a must.  it is a challenge!  the square-in-a-square units are done and now working on the flying geese units that encircle the squares.  and you won't believe what i am saving....waste triangles!  my frugal gene is in overdrive and i keep hearing the scrap savers' mantra over and over about little scraps being the same price as yardage, so my conscience just won't let me toss them out.  **** spent some time quilting the christmas ribbons too, so it's coming along nicely.  hoping i can squeeze 2 more finishes out of december.....


  1. Is it truly possible to have "too many" indigos? I don't think so! Enjoy them! : )

  2. Janet took the words right out of my mouth! That is a gorgeous collection of indigos, though. I kinda think you cannot have too many baskets, either.

  3. OH one can NEVER have enough indigo's they are hard to find,
    enjoy them.


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