Wednesday, December 19, 2012

binding it up!

ooohhh, doesn't this look christmas-y!  i opted against a solid red or solid green fearing "too much," and so i am thrilled with this fabric for the binding.  it looks kinda like candy canes don't you think?  *** most of my christmas tasks are done with the exception of a few so i've time to sew on my own stuff.  while the weather is more like spring than christmas (pouring rain), the holiday mood isn't dampened at all (excuse the pun!).  also sewing along on the batik floating 4-patch squares, hoping to get them all done soon.  and lastly, time to download the last (i think) installment of "just takes 2" which is also languishing on the ironing table.  hasn't been forgotten, just set aside for far too long.  off to meet the day!


  1. Now I want some candy canes, that looks so yummy. We also have been getting rain. I'm getting tired of seeing the grey sky.

  2. Your scrappy Christmas quilt is beautiful!! You picked a great choice for the binding.


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