Friday, December 21, 2012

an early giftie

mr. mailman brought a package from vic the other day and included inside were these; a charm pack of shelburne museum fabrics and a tumbler template--and it's the perfect size too!  this is terrific!  been drooling over repro tumbler quilts on various blogs brewing the possibility of making one; even entered a giveaway for a template (didn't win), so this is perfect!  already have a stack of repro shirting squares from a swap so pretty soon i'll be cutting away at repro tumblers.  it's a perfect scrappy quilt!  she also sent a potholder made by the stashbuster group's listmom and a lovely lavendar sachet she made for my drawer.  **** been sewing down the binding on the christmas scrappy hoping for a christmas finish maybe?  also on the machine are more batik squares to (hopefully soon) bust that bali pop.  today is a mostly shopping day.  **** i tweaked the arrangement of my room a bit that gives me some extra space temporarily until i find a small desk.  the laptop and printer were previously precariously perched on an unstable desk-like thingie.  i wanted an elfa desk (sale in january), but it's simply too big for the available spot.

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  1. How very nice of Vic--always fun to receive something for which you have been drooling! : )
    Can't wait to see what is brewing with the batik squares.
    I need to go shopping today, too. There just isn't enough time left before Christmas to do all I need to get done. You just don't ever expect 2 funerals in the two weeks before Christmas.


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