Saturday, December 1, 2012

a winter squishie!

a smiley face and a survival kit for some stormy day this winter.  i have a pattern already in mind for these repro colors.  this came from vic who lives further in the country than i do, so i am hoping she has plenty left for any dreary day that comes her way this winter.  **** no word yet from australia on the arrival of my secret santa package.  the postman said it would be 5-7 days by air mail, so it should be any day now.  *** on today's agenda is a bit of christmas sewing and maybe get that ottoman cover hemmed and on the ottoman.  that leaves me with 1 nonquilty project, that of painting the chair in my sewing room and making a chair seat pad, which will be a string thing done with selvedges. 


  1. So thoughtful of Vic. Not that I wish a dreary wintry day on you (though I don't doubt you will have them), but I am anxious to see what you make of these.

  2. Grace - the postman was being optimistic about the delivery time for your package from your part of the USA to Australia. LA to Sydney - 5-7 days, sure. Maine to ?? in Australia: give it more time. If your swap mate doesn't live in the metropolitan area of Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, then it will take several days after it's arrived in Australia to get it to them.

    I would think 10-12 days more realistic from the time you sent it.

    Sydney, Australia


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