Sunday, October 7, 2012

sometime project progress

progress on this sometime project, meaning it will get finished some time, is seen here.  and yes, it IS applique (see previous post) and pretty good so far i think.  only 3 more blocks to do and they do work up fairly quickly, done in odd moments inbetween other tasks.  some month in 2013 will be proclaimed "little quilt month" and i will try and finish up all the little quilts i've got so far.  ***  i dare not peek at my UFO list for i know it shall make me swoon in exasperation, for the progress thus far is not what i had hoped...whoops, slipped into my jane austen mode again!  even so, you get my drift.  the pinwheel is taking much longer than planned because i'm doing more quilting on it than originally planned.  2 more finished bed quilts this year?  i think not!  i have set aside the week between christmas and new year's for the just takes 2, realizing of course, that it probably won't be near enough time but it'll get a supreme effort anyway.   stay tuned...


  1. These are going to make a beautiful quilt, Grace!
    I love your Jane Austen mode. *LOL*
    I can't wait to see the pinwheel all quilted up!

  2. Goodness - these blocks are looking really nice! Good job.

  3. That above comment was from me, Elaine Adair. Not sure why my name looks so wierd ??


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