Sunday, October 14, 2012

showtripping sunday

today drove over to rochester, nh, and the cocheco quilters show.  met up with vic (see below) and we oohhed and aahhhed at all the lovely quilts.  left, though, is the best of show and more than worthy in my book.  made by gladi porsche it was hand quilted, hand appliqued with some hand embroidery as well.  vic and i chatted and i came home with only ONE piece of fabric, an indigo repro from cyndi black's booth.  not that i didn't fondle a lot more and thought about buying more, but i resisted.   the skies were gloomy but it was an enjoyable day. 
vic wanted her photo taken in front of this delicious scrappy and i do concur.  also saw some beautiful pieces from the "silver thread" challenge sponsored by the new england quilt museum in honor of their 25th anniversary.  i can't believe it has been 25 years since the museum first opened its doors. 


  1. That is certainly a stuning quilt, can't imagine the hours of work involved in it. The scrappy one is pretty too, thanks for sharing

  2. Definitely a worthy "Best of Show". Just gorgeous--love it! But I also love that scrappy one--and fun to see Vic!


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