Tuesday, October 9, 2012

on the lookout

one of my PA chores is to track down this line of fabric, if available.  plenty of luscious repro fabrics in this line and i've been waiting for it to arrive.  my list of "needs" is made and it's short...true!  the plan is to sew for most of the retreat and keep the shopping to a minimum.  there is a lot that i want to get done sewing-wise and cavorting around retail spaces won't get it done.  i just hope i don't drool too much during my brief sojourns into fabric heaven...LOL. 


  1. I saw this on Kathie Holland's blog recently. I LOVE it! I have found it online, but nowhere locally. I'm trying to restrain myself from ordering a jelly roll where I saw it on sale.
    By the way--you won my giveaway! I will be posting about it later today, but I'm on my way out the door this morning--I have your address, so I will get it in the mail. Congrats!!

  2. yes, love the selection in this, lots of neutrals, and others that will mix in nicely, will have to restrain myself on this for a while.


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