Monday, October 8, 2012

jack's back

it's that time of year again and my beloved jack is back on display from his perch in the closet.  this was made way back in the 1980s maybe, possibly late 1970s, and it's been a favorite fall decoration ever since.   familiar things like this make it feel like home no matter where i am.  **** a cool fall day here in maine.  so far i've traced some paper pieced letters for an upcoming project and also gotten some quilting done too.  got my list for the week all written out; it's going to be a busy one!  next up is get red strips prepped to swap.  no holiday for me, so off to work later.  did i mention i love this fall weather?  yep, i surely do!


  1. Jack is a handsome fella! I have some Christmas things I made in the early 80s--the fabrics give it away, don't they? Still love 'em!

  2. Jack's hat is a hoot! I'm very sympatico with you, I just cut 100 red strips for the same swap. The cool fall days are terrific!


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