Thursday, October 4, 2012

green tomato pickles

though canning is not on my top 10 list of fun things to do, i decided to try my hand at some green tomato pickles.  these were always on the table at my grandmother and great-grandmothers' houses and they are very quick to make..a pre-requisite for me.  simple, simple, just slice 'em up, soak overnight, cook for half an hour and then spoon into sterilized jars.  easy, peasy and done in a flash.  i did put some cut-up peppers in the freezer, some corn fritters and also some stuffed peppers...all for later.  our freezer space is minuscule, so difficult to freeze too much.  last will be some zucchini bread.  **** day off today so spent a rich 2 hours this morning just good is that?  **** cloudy, rainy and cool today, so inside chores are on the list, more trip prep too!


  1. Did you water bath these?
    I bet it smells good at your house. : )

  2. I love seeing the "fruits" of my labor in the canning jars all lined up! I have some more tomatoes to take care of in the next few days, yesterday I made 3 apple pies, froze two and we are nibbling on the third. I will be working on my Farmers's Wife quilt this weekend, Sunday is our Oct. day to get together and work on our blocks at Kathie's Quilt Shoppe. Have a great weekend.


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