Friday, September 14, 2012

plenty left

in maine or coming soon?  rest assured there is still plenty of lobster around for delicious eating.  this summer of lobster glut, many lobstermen were selling direct to the public to get the most money from their catch.  we are fortunate to have many of these independent sellers locally so the price doesn't fluctuate as much.  since our last purchase, our seller has only increased 30 cents per pound, still far below many retailers.  this particular batch cost less than 2 pounds of sirloin tips.  **** no sewing at all to report, still chained to the eyedrops every hour on the hour, and well worth it too i say...much improvement since one week ago.  still, itchin' to be stitchin'.....


  1. Good Evening Grace,
    Just got "caught up" reading your blog. Belated Happy Birthday to you! Sorry I haven't commented lately, I have been busy settling into my new sewing space, my dining room, as long as I have a space I am happy.

    The lobster looks delicious, I MUST make a point to pick some up soon a lobster roll would be so tasty! Glad that your eye is on the mend and should be better by the time you head off on your adventure next month!


  2. Good news that you are "seeing" improvement. : )


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