Saturday, August 4, 2012

what does one do?

recently experienced a stab in the back from a relative.  this person and i are not friendly, nor is there any desire to be so on either side.  this person came into the family later than most of my cousins and was raised a prima donna.  this person was treated like a queen from the moment she drew a breath.  this person has had every advantage possible while others of us have struggled mightily.  she was cute when little and she has smarts like many of us.  for some reason, she is the only one who has achieved any measure of success, though.  my brothers have law degrees and i've a BA.  i worked in healthcare many years in admin support positions.  we have worked as hard as this person, if not harder, as we didn't have the benefit of financial backing.  this person lives out of state but is not missed.  we hardly know she exists except when she waves her wand and it affects one of us.  do i sound jealous?  when i was younger i was, but not now.  she has little that i really want except something that was promised to me.  i assumed she was mature enough to honor that promise.  as of yet, that isn't the case.  it's true, i wish i lived out of maine, but i have my reasons for present anyway.  and this person is unfortunate in that she didn't have the best role models.  so what is there to do?  nothing, i guess.  i've left messages for her with no response thus far.  what they say is so true, you can choose you friends but not your relatives.


  1. Sorry to hear of your relative unrest. I think we all have been done wrong by some family member at some time so it's easy to know just how you feel! Sending prayers.

  2. Oh Grace I have several family members who would fit right in with your cousin. Said how some think they are better than others..
    Just do what you do and let God take care of it.. All will be in HIS Will.


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