Sunday, August 19, 2012

new arrivals!

the black/white and black/cream new stash arrived yesterday.  the 4 quarter yards on the right are black/white and the rest are black/cream from the "cumberland" line.  though barely distinguishable here in this photo, they are different in person.  i had depleted my little stash of black/white some time ago and needed to add a few since they are used frequently for zing! purposes.  there are 4 paisley pieces in this grouping which i'll store with my other paisley fabrics.  **** our storms and humidity have finally abated after a week or so of unsettled weather and we are the recipients of a gorgeous summer day with just a hint of fall air; in fact, some of the smaller trees have already started showing the effects of mother nature's paint box.  although i love fall, many of us here hate the thought of summer passing and winter in the too-near future.  but we still have plenty of nice days ahead before snow flies...we hope!  ****

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  1. I realize, as I view this little collection of fabrics, that this is a color grouping that is sorely lacking in my stash. You found some real beauties! Love those ginkgo leaves!


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