Saturday, August 4, 2012

twinkle, twinkle

little stars, almost ready to send off to swap-land!  just have to finish pressing, clipping and then label and mr. postman can take them away.  again, little squares like this use up hardly any stash but they are cute, i think.  **** in addition to finishing these up, did some applique and quilting yesterday.  the lilac pinwheel runner is nearly ready to bind, which will give me another finish very soon.  after that's done, will tackle another small project.  then once cooler weather hits, i can hopefully finish up the 2 amish that are close to done and possibly get another bed-size quilted before 2012 is history.  that'll put me in good UFO shape starting off 2013.  maybe can also squeak in tying the "fat tuesday on orca bay" and fling that.  by year's end, the indigo scrappy should be a flimsy and maybe civil war diary also.  **** been looking around for a scrappy to use up my batik fabrics on; so many patterns from which to choose.  i did see a slightly wonky star that might work that is within my size requirements.  i am also hoping 2013 is the year of the hawaiian; finishing that up will be quite an accomplishment, not to mention the inchies and the scrappy 9-patch.  ahhh, so many projects and ideas as always.....

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  1. My head spins with your list of accomplishments and plans! I wish I could be as well ordered as you are!


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