Sunday, August 5, 2012

honeycomb progress

this project is one of those "whenever" that gets worked on whenever there are spare moments.  i decided to sew the hexagons together in pairs, making it easier to handle and hopefully quicker when the top assembling time came.  here i've got about half the 202 total hexagons for the top; all are basted and i started sewing them together...on the left.  what i need is a large design wall and time to leave it up to see exactly how the colors are placed.  since i have neither of those, it'll probably get put together in sections, the best way i can manage.  at some point, i'll spend more time on getting this flimsy together but not right now, just "whenever."  most of the fabrics used are cherrywood hand dyes, so i'm hoping it'll be eye pleasing when finished.  the edge and border are navy blue and so it'll get quilted using navy blue thread.  **** we are stuck with the muggies, even on cloudy days like today.  no matter, i'm getting myself acclimated for an eventual move a bit more south with more muggy weather, a trade-off for miserable maine winters. 

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  1. The rich colors in this are really pleasing. How large are those hexies?


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