Thursday, August 23, 2012

getting close

just 2 short months from today i'll be cruising down this boulevard in PA, arriving for my retreat.  i have to now get serious about getting stuff together to bring along.  a general list made and that will be fine tuned in days ahead.  the new suitcase will be called into duty and need to make sure i have all my charging devices for the various electronics, not to mention some clothing, the projects and all the quilting accoutrements!  a list is also in process for what needs to be obtained fabric-wise, leaving some room in the budget for surprises!   there is still lots to do between now and then NQR (not quilt related) though.  it's a far cry from the quilty vacations many take, but with budget and travel mode limitations, it suits me fine.  there are many places i'd love to go but wouldn't spend hours on a plane or on the high seas either.  tempting fate has its limitations!


  1. It may be a far cry from what some do, but take it from one who has never attended any retreat of any kind--it sounds wonderful!! : )

  2. Grace,
    Sounds like a wonderful retreat.....I will be with you in spirit so be sure to share lots when you return!

    Meanwhile, hope you are enjoying this lovely stretch of Maine weather.


  3. I’m tickled you will be joining us, and not to worry, pretty much everything you might forget you can get locally, or borrow from another retreater. Biggest thing you can’t get are cords and foot controllers to your machine, and I will have a spare machine just incase! And I just found a universal battery charger for all the ladies who forget cell phone chargers! 61 days!


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