Saturday, August 25, 2012

first 2 of 20

i know, i know, yet another amish style quilt.  what can i say...i love to make them!  it's the quilting, don't you know; the piecing is just, well, piecing.  this is 1 of 5 i currently have in progress.  it's a boring, plain, old traditional block but i like it nevertheless.  they will be set on point with alternating solid blocks for....that's right, quilting!  it is being hand sewn, a take-along project and will, of course, be hand quilted.  it is a gift, already earmarked, but when it's done i hope i am not tempted to renege on my current plans.  **** our excellent weather just keeps coming and coming.  we were at the beach nearly all day yesterday, unusual for us, as it was simply divine...warm, breezy, sunny...not a bit too hot.  one of those rare, perfect days. nevertheless, there is a bit of fall feel in the air and small trees are starting to turn.  anxious to see what mother nature has in store this year, one of unprecedented warmth and periods of downpours. 

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