Saturday, August 25, 2012

border crossing

in today's mail, i find these beauties that skipped across the border from NH into maine...from victoria!  how sweet is that!  i do love paisley fabrics and have a bit of a small stash of them for a someday project percolating in the gray matter.  it perked me up enough to get through my 8-hour day at work after working very late last night covering for a coworker with an early AM flight.  i planned ahead, though, and came home to a freshly changed bed and a neat room with new, colorful stuff on the design wall.  will be catching up on sleep tomorrow, not sure how much sewing, if any, will get done.  ****  spent friday on a summer veggie cooking marathon of corn fritters, zucchini pancakes and a huge pot of escarole soup for the freezer for work days ahead.   i come from a long line of family who "put food by" for winter's enjoyment, long before produce from chile was ever dreamed.   when my great-grandmother died, the cellar still had jars of veggies, fruits, pickles and jams and a bin half full of potatoes.  her raspberry jam excelled far above stonewall kitchen and long before it as well.  and guess what, she was our family quiltmaker too! 

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  1. I think I have a small bit of that bottom paisley. It is a beauty. What kind of project have you planned for the paisley stash?
    Sounds like you are one who plans ahead well. And you definitely got some of Great-Grandma's genes!


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