Tuesday, August 28, 2012

all kitted up

ok, finally got this kit all set to go.  just snap on the lid and pack in the tote bag with the other 2 projects i am taking PLUS the hawaiian.  not sure how much will actually get done, but i don't want to run out of things to sew.  the 2 smaller projects will get sewn first, i think, and then devote the remainder of the retreat to the civil war diary.  i only have a few blocks of that done, so don't imagine will finish all 121 blocks on retreat.  like i said, if i could stay a month.....  ****  a rainy day here but the rest of the week looks good for beach trips!  


  1. Such pretty pieces all ready to sew! Good for you!

  2. Having never gone to a retreat, I would have no idea how much to take. You are so prepared with all of this stuff cut and kitted.
    I know that once a month I spend half a day quilting at my Mom's. I always have great plans to cut and sew a bunch of blocks, but I'm usually lucky just to get the cutting done. : )


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