Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a prize!

my prize arrived from "a sentimental quilter" yesterday.  a free stencil for my little quilts and a bonus stencil too!  a catalog was included, of course, but i don't really have the need for any other stencils right now.  this is a great company for quilting stencils; i did get a few from them last's "the stencil company" and they carry a voluminous amount of stencils for quilting purposes.  i recommend them highly.  *** a few chores this morning and then maybe some sewing time.  august half over?  can't be...can it?


  1. I just got an order from this company a couple of weeks ago. They are a great resource for stencils.

  2. Congrats on your win! That wave one will really come in handy I know there are some quilting groups that hand quilt all the time, they use that frequently but they have a `wave Ruler`
    so lets some of that quilting!!


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