Sunday, July 8, 2012

see any legs?

me either, yet i had 4 other pair of scissors that apparently did have legs.  a pair of paper scissors, a pair my mother gave me when i was 16, a tiny pair my daughter gave me a few years ago and a pair i just bought last week.  i've looked in all my kits and totes, the sewing desk, the sewing table, etc.  for some reason, when we go to the beach or shopping or wherever, meaning when nobody is at home (like today), things disappear.  could be somebody with a key, although the locks are not exactly fort knox quality.  these were scissors i never took out of the apartment for fear of losing them.  so who has a key?  management and maintenance and us, and who else?  not sure.  did i mention i despise this place, the neighbors, the staff?  yeah, i hate them all with a passion.  it wouldn't be the first landlord who has stolen from me, why i haven't a shred of a clue.  short of putting everything i own under lock and key when i go out, there is little i can do.  i hate to do that just for sheer principle.  they better watch out, God's vengeance is so much worse than mine. 


  1. Scissors don't need legs. They skate off on their blades.


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