Tuesday, July 10, 2012

kitting it up

remember me saying i am not a "red" person?  it is true for the most part but not when it comes to these delicious fabrics by kaffe fassett.  these are nickels i cut from my small stash for a project i'll be taking on retreat with me later this year.  last summer i volunteered to sit at a quilty booth at a fair and saw a display quilt made in these colors.  it was beautiful and so i started assembling some FQs for a project.  i don't have quite enough so a road trip is in the works.  and kaffe himself is coming to new england later this year.  it's out of my budget but would have been super to go.  fortunately i can get somewhat of a fix vicariously through his gorgeous fabrics. 

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  1. Such bold and beautiful fabrics. Can't wait to see what comes of them!


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