Friday, July 6, 2012

i know, i know

teeny, tiny hexies are not my "thing" and i have thus far avoided this popular bandwagon but recently caved for my small quilt challenge group.  as you can see, i'm only making 12 little flowers for an october project.  i have definitely not been tempted by bonnie's gorgeous red/green project or anyone else's for that matter.  my chubby fingers do not lend themselves comfortably to working with such small pieces and i do find them, well, a bit boring.  regardless, it's a great portable project for the beach (today!) and at least i can say i tried them.  ****  aside from hexies, work is progressing on the last 2 blocks for JT2 first section, the amish ocean waves flimsy and the leaders/enders.


  1. Is it heresy to admit on a quilt blog that you find hexies boring? : )

    1. if so i'll be burned at the stake very shortly...LOL


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