Tuesday, July 3, 2012

the first wave

if you follow my blog religiously--and there are some who do--you might recall a post some time ago with a photo of ocean wave units.  well, i pulled out the instructions (instead of the photo) and found an easier way to put it together.  so i did a bit of ripping out and started over and this is the first block.  i love, love, love the colors and can't wait to see the top together.  since i hand quilt, i chose larger triangles making it easier to hand quilt when the time comes.  this makes a total of 4 bed size and 1 little amish style quilt i have in process...do you see a trend here?  i think they have to be my all-time fave style to make and drool over and there will probably be more to come, at least small ones anyway. 


  1. The colors in this block just sparkle. Yes, definitely a trend. You must have quite a supply of solids! I have just a handful. I couldn't even have made this one block.


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