Thursday, July 19, 2012

different design wall

good to see something besides brown on the design wall.  since it hangs in my room, it's part of the decoration of the room and while brown/muslin is nice, i needed a change.  here are the ocean wave blocks so far.  i used up all the triangles that were cut and i can see i'm going to need a lot, lot more.  will i wipe out all my solid scraps?  time will tell, but i love it so far.....very colorful even though not strictly traditional old-order amish.  ***** i'm also working on some applique inbetween machine time, one of which might be ready to show soon, plus quilting a tablerunner to give me a UFO finish this month.  ***** if you are a baby boomer like me, no doubt you remember bobby rydell from philly and his hits from 1960.  bobby is now 70 and just underwent kidney and lung transplant.  like, wasn't he on bandstand not that long ago?  i thought so.  **** and the muggies are gone for the time being with temps going down to the mid-50s overnight.  makes for great sewing weather!


  1. Oh, Grace, I LOVE this project! It is so rich and dimensional looking. Good job!

  2. Love it. It's going to be absolutely spectacular when it's finished. Looking forward to seeing more progress photos.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Lovely pattern. I have a question regarding your design wall. Is it just a piece of fabric hanging? I ask because I need one but space is limited. I have a double window in my quilting room that I could use or my hubby can suspend a wire across the room so I could hang fabric. -- Pat


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