Tuesday, July 17, 2012

at last

finally got this first section all pieced.  the lower right block, the big applique, is actually done differently than the pattern.  i looked at the diagram only once and when i went back to check the squaring up measurements, realized that the little hand-like pieces were supposed to go inbetween the curved pieces.  this explains why mine doesn't exactly fit as it should but it works regardless.  for sure i'm not taking any out to redo it.  this is what happens when i try to sew when i'm tired or have other things going on.  anyway, looks good to me as i know there is a tremendous amount of work even in this one section and it's a quilt for me, so i can live with it no problem.  i used to think brown was boring but not any longer.  something else gets to hang on the design wall now for a change.  **** my name is creeping up on the queen's list in the UFO challenge so i'll probably take a quilty detour from the pinwheel and get a couple of smaller things done.  my list for the year was longer than i'd like, 23 unfinished projects, so it really needs serious, continual attention, especially since i've started some new things this year that are also not yet done. *** aside from that we are weathering the weather quite nicely, expecting thunder, rain and hail later on today then a change to nicer days.  no matter as i can sew and quilt most any day. 


  1. I love what you have done with this pattern, Grace. The different shades of brown give it so much more dimension.

  2. Oh boy! Now we can really see how nice it is coming out and I know that photography does not do justice to all the fine designs on quilting fabrics, so it must be phenomenal in person. Looking forward to tomorrow, too!

  3. Congratulations! You are doing great on your Just takes 2 blocks!
    I only have about 20 blocks together so far. I am doing mine in red and white. Have a sewing retreat this week-end and hope to get many more done.


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