Sunday, June 17, 2012

so far so good

this 15.5" feathered star square is coming along nicely, if i do say so myself.  some days when i sew, i really feel like a quilter, you know, when things go together slick like this after careful reading, cutting and preparing the fabric.   and i think i have finally conquered the feathered star phobia.  i might just have to pull out some of those patterns i've been saving from marsha mccloskey and tackle another.  now i can't wait to see this finished, perhaps today or tomorrow.  **** in addition to piecing this, i'm also assembling a little quilt from kathy tracey's yahoo group.  it's simple but with repro fabrics, really looks vintage.  i might tea dye it when it's done, too.  **** these 2 along with quilting the scrappy pinwheel and some miscellaneous sewing are taking up my allotted sewing time these days.  with triple-H weather looming later this week (hazy, hot, humid), i'll be tackling more of the small things that are basted and waiting to be quilted.  these plus a goal of finishing 4 big quilts from now to new year's is a lofty but possibly achievable goal.  the scrappy pinwheel is about 1/3 done, the center diamond just needs the last border quilted, then i have a gift quilt (autumn change) to be done and just maybe "amish in the city" too, the latter being more sofa size than bed size.  ahhhh, so many quilts........

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