Monday, June 4, 2012

first things first.....

thanks to all who leave such nice comments on my blog.  though i don't respond to each and every one, i do read them and thank you!  ***** now, here are the little quilts i got basted last week.  aside from these, i've been mostly quilting on the scrappy pinwheel as i hope to get it finished in june.  **** on friday i didn't sew at all as we made a spring trek down east to jonesboro where my mother's parents are buried.  she had planted a flowering shrub some years back and each fall when we go, it looks pathetic.  we took some fertilizer and clippers ready to "operate" if necessary.  happily, it was thriving and lush and loaded with buds, which made my mom very happy.  it was a lovely summer day but a very long ride, about 4 hours each way.  **** it's been rainy, cold and dreary since saturday and will be most of this week.  no matter as i'm cozy working on my quilt with the wool batt! 


  1. Oh, Grace, those little quilts are beautiful. I was making a quick check of my email before going out to work in my garden. I decided to just see how many of my blogs had new posts--but I wasn't going to read any! When I saw the photo with your post I couldn't resist. I had to read about what you had shown. Each one is charming in its own way. What are your plans for them--table toppers, wall grouping, gifts? Great job!

  2. Love the cheddar and blue, it is so lively.


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