Monday, June 18, 2012

count me in!

michele over at quilting gallery has posted info about this challenge and i believe i shall rise to the occasion!  in addition to finished scrappy quilts, i have basted ones and scrappies in progress also.  probably won't win, but it'll be fun to see them in a group as well as see what others make.  i almost never make matchy/matchy type quilts, buying yards of a certain fabric, though sometimes they are controlled scrappy.  *** monday again and a few housekeeping things to start the week.  other than that, will continue on with my quilty projects.  **** it's finally summer in maine and this is the season people think of when they say to me, "oh, i love maine."  they hardly ever think of february in maine fondly but then, even we who live here don't either. 


  1. I think most any place that has a "true" winter is not usually thought of fondly at winter time--except by those that ski and snowboard. : )

    1. Or those that stay in and quilt! I love the Lakes Region of New Hampshire in the deep winter months. All the pesky tourists have gone home and the roads are clear and no lines at the check-out counters. But I love bundling up in cotton turtlenecks,too.


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