Friday, June 8, 2012

belmont baby birthday

if you see this cutie today, wish her a happy birthday!  she was born on the day of the belmont stakes only a few years ago (wasn't it?) and, coincidentally, years later she got married on the day of the preakness.  it has been my joy and privilege to have been "loaned" this precious girl, and we survived and thrived through good times and bad.  drop on over and i'll show you the other million or so photos i have of her....the curse of the only child for sure!  truly, the best job i ever  **** aside from missing my DD today, i have errands and sewing i want to do on this my last day off before sunday.

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  1. How interesting. Can you arrange some other special event to make her a true "triple crown" child?
    Motherhood is worth it--even the tough times, and from things you have hinted at, you have seen those for sure.


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