Thursday, May 24, 2012

won't be long now...

before i'll be walking along this touristy boulevard, fondling fabric and soaking up the local ambience.  got my 'take it' list made and keeping phoebe in fine stitching form.  i am not wishing my life or my summer away, just a tad excited for this well-deserved quilty vacation.  this is what i had hoped for in my post-mothering days, it just got delayed a bit due to my own life circumstances.  though sometimes i get a bit wistful seeing happy couples, i am quite content and happy as a single these past nearly 30 years.  it's the way my life should be.


  1. I know you have the timeline on your blog--can you explain what exactly your retreat will involve. There are so many retreats that people talk about--I can't keep them straight. : )

  2. 152 days away!


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