Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday Night Sew In

last night was FNSI so i, of course, participated with enthusiasm.  this is what got accomplished.  i appliqued these 2 hexie flowers to background, worked on just takes 2 and also basted the edges of some petal pieces for the watermelon project.  i know...multitasking!  the hexies are for a gift that needs to get done.  the just takes 2 work was my vain attempt to try and get caught up and the petal pieces was just for a change of color.  i wish i could put everything away and just work on the JT2 but i have other priorities plus all those UFOs that need finishing.  just the sleeve and i can cross off the feathered star.  maybe i can get another done before the end of the month, since the stashbuster at-home retreat is coming up.  then i think i'm going to try and get one of those amish bed quilts done.  *** waiting on some shirting swap squares and i think i'm going to start the baskets too.  what delicious fun!

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  1. You are amazing, Grace (pun not intended), with all the quilting "balls" you keep in the air. I have many UFOs but yours are active Works in Progress. Do we get a photo of the finished feathered star--or did you do that while I was out of town this week? I told myself I couldn't start from where I left off and go through everything or I would never get caught up, but I did go back a bit. Let me know if I need to look back farther or if you will be posting it in the future.


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