Friday, May 11, 2012

2 squishies!

that's right, mr. mailman brought 2 lovely packages for me today!  first, from abby, a swap package including this lovely, spring-y pincushion made of dogwood prints...oh abby!  i used to have a dogwood tree in my front yard that i would gaze at often and this reminds me of that.  mine was white, not pink, but the pincushion is a real treasure.  i think i'll keep it with phoebe to use when she and i play.  and the evelyn sloppy book?  that will come in handy for sure to help me bust that civil war stash.  **** the other package was from the new england quilt museum, a collection of FQs from judie rothermel's new line titled "union forever,"  based on a potholder quilt made during the civil war, given to a soldier at Andersonville and then eventually donated to the museum.  i got to see this quilt up close and personal recently  these are FQs so it's only adding 1.75 yards to my bulging civil war repro stash, but i am loving using these fabrics.  the book and the stash?  a dynamic duo!


  1. What a fun mail day, Grace! Lovely pincushion, and great fabrics and book!

  2. Love the fabrics, the book looks interesting don't think I've seen it before. Have a wonderful weekend, I'll be outside instead of sewing this weekend!


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