Saturday, October 29, 2011

a finish

here is the little fall table topper i finished from some errant swap squares that were lounging in the stash.  you can see the Celtic-type quilting design in the brown squares.  not really a masterpiece but no longer orphans, plus it counts as a 2011 finish.  not sure what i'll do with it, might end up as a giftie for someone....time will tell.  **** today's agenda?  finish quilting halloween witchie and bind; if there is time left in the day, finish tying the red/cream and pin on the binding.  those 2 tasks should eat up 24 hours until tomorrow, plus some sleep of course.  winter will be with us overnight and tomorrow, so won't be venturing out until it leaves.  hopefully the promised temps of 41 will take away icky snow PDQ!

Friday, October 28, 2011

inconsiderate neighbors

we had to go through a lengthy investigative process to get an apartment in this complex; management claimed they were that discriminating.  for some time, unfortunately, the management has no longer been so particular about to whom they rent.  there have been and still are nasty pot smokers in the building, down the hall from us, same side i think.  someone also parks right in front of my bedroom window and then leaves about 11:30 pm or so, putting on their high beams, literally flooding my bedroom with light, which often awakens me.  the nationality is insignificant; these people are downright rude.  they belong out in the woods someplace with the rest of the animals.  tonight, for example, after they smoked their pot, they started cooking to mask the smell.  this is a no smoking indoors complex, but people who think they are entitled ignore that.  they only do it at night so they don't get caught, which wouldn't bother me in the least.  just goes to prove there are heinous turds from every corner of the globe.

dodged a bullet

meaning the snow bullet....places west and south of us got some but not us....not yet anyway.  but this weekend is another storm and we might not be so lucky.  *****  here's a photo of a new project.  remember the lilac pinwheel puzzle?  i decided to make another using batik fabrics. i love the pattern and had some batik scraps, so thought it would be pretty done up in those fabrics.  other than cutting the squares, i haven't started it yet.  first comes the witch wallhanging and to tie the red/cream northwind.  after that i'll finish the "autumn change" flimsy and continue quilting on the amish center diamond.  i'll get a lot more done now that stormy/cold/snowy weather is arriving.  ***** i did finish the autumn squares tabletopper and will post a photo tomorrow.  

Thursday, October 27, 2011

swap ornament

so here's the second ornament i made, this one definitely more vintage looking than the first (red sequins, remember?).  i've sewn little pearls on this one, front and back, and i had the ribbon in my stash, how lucky was that?  well, i like it anyway.  would have been glad to keep it and hang on my tree.   have put my beads and sequins away now that the halloween piece is done.  they are time consuming but really jazz up projects quite a bit. 

a special day

if  you see this tow-headed cutie with those big brown eyes today, be sure and wish him happy birthday.  he was our halloween treat back in 1957...all the best little brother!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

yep, it's really fall

i know it's fall because i had this for chocolate and toast...yummm!  then, when i went out to grocery shop, i had to wear my jacket, first time this season.  and they are now talking SNOW in the next day or so....what?  this is not good at all, way too early for that.  ******  got the binding done for the halloween piece AND the red/cream northwind quilt.  i've also started basting the halloween but have to put up a larger table to finish.  and if i'm going to put up the larger table, might as well do the red/cream too so have to clear decks first and put everything else away.  those 2 projects will be my primary focus until they are completed.  then i get to do something else. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

RTB means....

ready to baste and then quilt of course!  last night i finished adding the sparklies to the hat, a tedious job but oh so worth it.  i gave the spider and bats some sparkly eyes too.  it'll be done in plenty of time for the witching hour.  other than sewing, it's another ho-hum day here in so-called vacationland.  my life used to have meaning and purpose but not since crossing the border.  it's definitely time to "reverse the curse."

Monday, October 24, 2011

retreat wrap-up

not only did i finish the red/cream flimsy, i got these 2 little pieces basted.  the autumn-y piece is an official UFO of 3 little orphan blocks that were just tucked away in with some fabric, so i decided to finish them off.  also, the halloween piece is coming along, just some finishing bling and i can baste/quilt that.  all 3 will probably get quilted at the same time.  so this week it'll be 1 day to tie the red cream, 1 day to bind, and 1 day to baste/quilt.  that'll be 2 finishes and 2 off my 2012 good is that?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

long ago homework

i wrote this for much-needed extra credit

Leaves, like broken kaleidoscopes, spill their colors
on sunny days of cool, fresh air.
The quickening pace of winter's call
reminds of a life all too brief.

When all but firs have shed their coats,
the early dark envelopes us.
Too soon to sleep until the night is o'er
awakens new with spring's first herald.

new flimsy

this is the next flimsy.  these blocks are 15" square, the pattern is a variation on chinese coins i found in a quiltmaker magazine, designer is rachel griffith.  i'm calling it "autumn change," because i'm using autumn prints/colors.  this will be a hand-quilted giftie.  *****  yesterday i cut up a stack of scraps into inchies for my leaders/enders project.  i also basted 2 small pieces, one of which is a languishing UFO.   the halloween needs a bit more sparklies and it will be ready to baste/quilt, should be done in time for the "witching hour!"  ***** today i'm hoping to tie the red/cream.  the binding needs prepping for what will probably be an official finish this week.  another week or so and the decks will be cleared to get back to a hand quilting project for me.  not a moment too soon as the weatherman is talking about really cool weather this coming week with snow in the northern elevations.