Saturday, August 27, 2011

lilac flimsy

finally got the border resewn and the top of this runner finished!  it'll go in the stack of things to baste, now 5, for later.  **** all week i've been fighting a bout of vertigo, not severe but annoying.  just today while driving my right ear started draining and i remembered back to a beach day about 10 days ago when i got hit by a few waves, aha!  that must have been the problem!  all's well now, thank goodness. **** with irene's arrival this weekend, i've got plenty of sewing projects lined up.  providing we don't lose power that is.  ****  finally, today's my birthday.  no, no big celebration or fuss, just another day to rejoice in life and a number that means little to me.  biggest delight is having my mom still here to make me a blueberry pie.  i can get good cake at the supermarket and will have to someday, but as long as she's around, we'll have pie.    

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Stash, Part II - Fabric/UFOs/kits

this is pretty much all my fabric, UFOs, kits and magazine stash.  the elfa drawers hold about 3/4 of my fabric, the rest is on the shelves apportioned out in projects and kits.  in the elfa from the top down are white scraps, lights, solids, prints, prints, plaids/batiks, christmas and batting scraps.  again, due to space and time limitations, i try to keep it contained in these 2 places.  on the side of the elfa are stencils, scissors and rulers.   having most everything in plain sight makes it easy to use as i'm inspired almost daily.  the 3 drawers in the sewing table hold all my machine parts, various notions, ribbons, felt and other miscellaneous items.  that's pretty much all of it.  i go through every few months and weed out, donate or fling.  ***** oh, i forgot.  under the bed is a plastic storage thingie with some garment fabric, not much but it's there.  i've kept my patterns but don't do much garment sewing these days, only occasionally.
one more thing; in among the quilty stuff are a few cross-stitch UFOs AND  under the bed is also a plastic tote with cross-stitch stuff. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Stash, Part I - Books

part of my role as an official "stashbuster" is to confess the size of my stash in my birthday month, so here's part I, my books.  i have a small bookcase, 3 shelves, and do have a few books that i keep.  mostly i heavily utilize libraries as i think buying a lot of books, DVDs, videotapes, etc. is a waste of money and requires lots of space, which i do not have.  so, i limit my stash of quilt-related books to one shelf; if i want to add one, i first go through and see if there is one i can sell or donate.  occasionally i will add one without flinging one, but not often.  if it doesn't fit on the shelf, it doesn't come into the apartment.  reason?  there simply isn't room. so here they are, all neat.  the large book on the left was a gift from DD and is a real beauty, one i would never have bought for myself; the 2 binders on the right are printed patterns/magazine ripouts.  tomorrow, part II.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


not quite yet, but with temps in the high 50s overnight, there is a definite feel of change in the air.  we do get plenty of summer weather in september and even october, but the change in the feel of the air is unmistakable.  we do mourn a bit for the passing of another all-too-quick summer, but eagerly anticipate crisp night air, warm days and all the beauties of autumn.  **** with cooler nights and days, it's back to serious quilting, until work materializes, that is.  first up is finish the lovers' links and hoping i can squeeze in another big quilt finish before the end of the year.  ***** starting to plan now for the holidays and a slew of autumn family birthdays. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

retreat progress

a stashbusters weekend at-home retreat and FNSI (friday night sew in) enabled me to make significant progress on this long-languishing UFO.  i procrastinated big time because of the scads of HSTs (half square triangles) in this quilt.  but my wondercut ruler proved to be a real asset and i took the plunge.  i've now 2 entire rows assembled (of the 14 total); each has 10 squares, so i still have plenty to do.  this project is nearly total chain piecing, feeding little pieces into the machine as fast as possible.  this will be my main machine project until the flimsy is done, which may not be until mid-september or later.  no real rush until i get the word on a job.  this quilt is from marsha mccloskey's book "quick classic quilts," a book chock full of beautiful traditional designs done in nonboring ways.  one caveat:  the word "quick" is relative of course, but when i actually sat down to sew, it didn't take too long to get a number of squares finished.  even so, it's a lot of prep work beforehand.  as you can see, in addition to the completed rows, i've quite a stack of units at the ready, so in no time i should have another 2-3 rows ready to put together.  better than that, soon i'll have another empty shoebox!