Saturday, July 9, 2011

applique envy

if you hop on over to you will see kim mclean's stunning applique patterns.  i'm currently drooling over this one, but not enough to consider starting it just yet.  i've a few applique quilts in the works and i'd only be dreaming at this point, but such a lovely dream don't you think?  **** tomorrow i have to put a sleeve on my maine quilts piece to send it off next week.  hard to believe it's only 3 weeks away, which will signal the end of july and  the beginning of august.  summer goes way too fast, i think.  we are just now starting to get a good selection of fresh veggies, yum-my! **** thanks to those who commented on miss paige's baby quilt.  it really came out beautiful.  the fabrics were very good quality and the batt was just right for the quilting, made the designs puff out just enough to be noticed but not too thick.  it was one of those projects that just went together easily, quilted wonderfully and looks pretty perfect.  i've often said my goal is not blue ribbons so most of my things are not perfect, but this was one project that just got done without any glitches at all.  since it was a special gift, that made it a delight!

Friday, July 8, 2011

pinks quilt update

remember this quilt?  i had originally stated it was a commission piece but actually it was for a friend of DD's who was having her first baby.  this beauty now belongs to one miss paige elizabeth who arrived yesterday, finally, eagerly greeted by her impatient parents.  i was thinking about her mom holding her for the first time and checking her all over and it brought back memories of when i first held DD and did the same.  it was a supremely joyous day that still gives me a warm, wistful feeling all over even now.  **** the room repair progresses!  this is very good news.  could be that by tuesday all my doo-dads will be back in their nooks and crannies.  in the meantime, i've been cutting pieces for the christmas scrappy and working on the amish pinwheel.  idle hands, you know....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


i have a 10" square window fan i bought eons ago, like 10 years maybe?  it's quieter than a large box fan and does a pretty good job in a small space.  well, last night i went to plug it in and i believe it has succumbed to the crash.  it still runs BUT the plastic case has split along the seam line, causing it to rattle.  i paid $8 for the thing and it has worked for all this time; i don't believe it owes me a penny.  ***** another hot (for maine) day here on the coast and that is exactly where we are going today, in about 40 minutes or so.  as i mentioned, not all maine beaches are free and this one is no exception.  the cost kept us from going too many times last year, so this year we purchased a seasonal pass and already we are way over the original cost, so it was a good deal.  without further adeiu......

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Plan B

you might wonder what i'm doing with the old viking AND little brother on hiatus (or maybe not) and this is it!  pulled out this shoebox full of gray and color solid triangles.  these are for the hand pieced, scrappy amish pinwheel quilt that is a someday finish (no deadline).  the christmas scrappy is machine pieced and quilting on the lovers' links is out of the question in 80-degree weather, so decided to make more of these squares.  ***** the repair persons came today and measured for materials to finish the wall job.  while they were here, they put the AC in the window.  my stuff is spread out all over the apartment, in addition to the aforementioned machines being packed away, and it will be terrific once things are organized again.  since we can do nothing to aid and abet in this situation, we are heading to the beach later on to enjoy cool breezes and cold water. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Happy Independence Day!

despite a gnawing unease from THIS, we kicked off the holiday with a wonderful band concert outdoors under cool but summery conditions.  If you are an American, natural born or naturalized, things like this should upset you.  i urge you to read "the federalist papers," a literary chronicle on the perils faced when forming a new, independent government, not the least of which was freedom from tyranny from outside forces.  the founders could not have foreseen the growing economic tyranny we now face that, if not stemmed and obliterated, will (i believe) destroy the America and its unmatched freedoms as we know it, or as it should be.  enjoy your celebration...our descendants may have only memories of such if things don't change.