Saturday, July 2, 2011

A True Legend

Sally Palmer Field of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, has died.  she was a renown quilter here in New England.  when i first got into quilting in the 1970s, i heard about a new england guild that was having a meeting in a nearby town.  i decided to go and see what it was about.  when i got there, i realized that one had to pre-register to attend the meeting and so i went about getting information to register for the next meeting, held biannually.  little did i know i was on the cusp of a huge groundswell in quilting.  the guild grew so large in a 10-year span that it was a logistical nightmare to arrange meetings.  smaller guilds and groups sprung up all over new england as a result.  a museum was planned and became an eventual reality (much to my surprise).  the guild was finally disbanded after its original goal, and many more, had been attained.  Sally was at the forefront of the guild's formation as well as being a teacher, artist and promoter.  she was one of those people who was almost bigger than life.  when she came into a room, she brought vitality, inspiration and ideas.  she could have been a reader's digest "most unforgettable character" to most anyone.  i can't imagine anyone who was quilting in the 1970s or 1980s won't be saddened by this news. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

wall progress

as you can see, my cute curtains are down, replaced with this drop cloth for the weekend until the repair can be completed.  even so, i am thrilled with the progress this morning.  looking at the wall cracks and chunks of wallboard falling off, not to mention the wall being pushed in, made me a tad nervous.  i did sleep in the room last night and awoke alive and in one piece, which is good.  as i mentioned, the maintenance crew at this complex is top notch, and their probably underpaid work has nothing to do with my unhappiness here.  i don't like maine.  i would like a patio to grill on and for container plants.  not to mention a job, my own place and a life.  pity party over, need a nap big time.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

here it is

whew, just under the quarterly wire.  i still have to dunk it in cold water to get all the quilting lines off, but it's all quilted and bound, ready to hang.  problem is, there is no wall space for it at all.  i truly do need a bigger sewing space with more wall space, more floor space, no carpets and plenty of natural light.  ah, if wishes were horses so they say.  *** insurance adjuster here today to check on the damage to the wall and window in my room.  won't be fixed until next week it seems, which is a HUGE inconvenience as my room stuff is now in other places in the already full apartment.  maintenance is very good at this complex, but this job is much bigger than usual.  that means the old viking and i won't be able to play at all until all the work is done (sniff, sniff).  even worse, there is no place to set up little brother either.  plus the weather is turning hot, so quilting on the lovers' links is not an option either.  this is a predicament of sorts it seams seems....

a smashing finish...

to a busy day.  last night sometime after 9:30, a woman was parking her car in the lot in front of my window.  she lost control and slammed into the building wall, which then caused my interior wall to collapse somewhat.  it sounded like a jet crash (we live near the airport) and the building shook just a bit.  this was in front of my antique sewing table, which came out unscathed.  the old viking was on the table and didn't budge a centimeter and my laptop also came through safely.  so, today the maintenance people will be here to make repairs.  i offered that this would be a good time to make my room larger and add a much-wanted patio....if only, right?  i slept on my futon in the living room last night just to be safe, although they didn't feel the structure was compromised.  ***** tune in later today and see my little sewing machine wallhanging finished!  i've only one more side of the binding to sew down for completion.  most of the sewing i did yesterday was on this piece.  i also did some machine piecing of christmas scrappy pieces as well.  the studio is off limits today for the wall repairs.  the window frame is broken as well.

Monday, June 27, 2011

closing in

on another finish as the little spools wallhanging, homage to the old viking, is ready to quilt.  it needs basting and quilting and binding and then i can cross it off my list, fantastic!  after i finished college i was also unemployed for nearly 2 years (i told you, vacationland) and i borrowed zillions of quilt books from the library and found this sewing machine pattern in a very old (meaning 1970s) quilt book.  who knew i'd be unemployed AGAIN for such a long time so soon!  anyway, i hope to get this done before friday so i can have another june finish.  ***** being so upset with the state of my life in general for so many years, i struggle at not being angry all the time.  today it's easy, though, because it's the birth anniversary of HELEN KELLER.  if anyone had a reason to act piteous, she did; instead, she accomplished much in her dark, silent world.   she is a true american hero and one of mine in particular.  if you ever find yourself in tuscumbia, alabama, don't miss her childhood home....ivy green.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

two oldies but goodies....

that deserve another look.  if you were around quilting in the 1980s, especially here in new england, the names of these two were on everyone's lips.  top quilt is 12 dancing princesses by ruth mcdowell and bottom is ray of light by jinny beyer.  not long after i started quilting, i had the opportunity to see these two magnificent beauties.  there were plenty of other fabulous quilters at that time, but these two works i actually saw in person.  the photos have darkened over time and neither does the original work justice at all.  nice to know these artists are still inspiring quilters everywhere.  ms. mcdowell has made many pieces that i admire, and i do mean "piece" as she pieces all her figures, not applique.  and ms. beyer has made several gorgeous pieces influenced by her sojourns in the far east, and still does i might add.