Saturday, June 11, 2011

food for thought

i saw this on susan branch's website and she kindly gave me permission to display here.  what you don't see is the lovely watercolor it accompanies.  her webpages are overflowing with beautiful art she creates, delicate watercolor graphics that make me green with envy....i simply cannot draw anything without a ruler, and even then it can be problematic.  when you have time, be sure and look at all her lovely pages. **** today i've spent a lot of time doing applique on the hawaiian.  it's coming out pretty well, i think; i watched the DVD 3-4 times and even went back for a refresher and my stitches look like those pictured.  my pattern has TONS of fronds which are all different shapes.  i think they look awkward, but i did cut out the pattern carefully so i'm hoping once the entire thing is completed, it will all make sense.  ***** we spent a lot of time at the beach this week; good thing as the weather is rainy today and tomorrow and cool all next week.  it is early in the season but we have been able to take advantage of the good days we have had so far. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

ideas aplenty

thanks to an email coupon, this book was 50% off!  i love lori smith's patterns and thought this would be ideal....lots of small projects rather than bed size quilts.  i think i had mentioned this previously.  i highly recommend this book, even at full price.  in addition to the designs in the book, i came up with some ideas of my own for small pieces to use up stash and satisfy my creative muse. ****  despite horrendous storms all around, we managed to mostly dodge the worst of them.  some rain, some thunder, some lightning, but no power outs or flying steeples that i have seen yet.  and the air is soooo much drier now, too.  the local TV station had an informal poll....heat or snow?  me, i think i'd take heat any day over snow.  winter jackets, boots, scarves and clothes take up soooo much room!  that is, as long as i can be on or near the ocean, especially in maine new england where the water can be icy.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

pinks finish

yesterday i finished this commission piece.  though it isn't on my official UFO list for the year, it's another thing crossed off my "quilt to do" list.  last night i started on the hawaiian applique for a handwork project, you know, while listening to TV.  i'll do that as long as the weather allows, then switch over to smaller things.  for a machine project, i'm working on the christmas scrappy which won't be done (the top) right away.  still lots of pieces to cut out yet. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

thrifting again

sauntered into the local thrift for a look-see and found these 2 shirts half price.  i wouldn't have paid full price for them, but at half they were a good deal.  the darker shirt is an XL tall, so probably at least a yard of fabric.  the lighter plaid will go into my light stash.  ***** the pinks is DONE, will post a photo later.  now i get to applique on the hawaiian, yippee!

happy birthday mrs. b!

if you see this little cutie today, be sure and wish her happy birthday!  this is DD at about age 2, now all grown up and married....can you believe it?  she was then and is now the most beautiful girl!  can you tell, she inherited my straight hair gene (sigh)?  i wish her the happiest of birthdays with her DH and wish i could give her a big hug and kiss.  enjoy your day, dearest, and know that i am with you in spirit......

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

half done

the small stack is now half gone, which yielded about 200 of the christmas print pieces for the quilt.  i traced them early yesterday morning and then took them to the beach where i cut them up.  i'll do the same today.  that'll give me nearly 400 pieces, so still a ways to go.  then i have to cut the background (whites), same amount of nearly 900 needed.  i know, time consuming, but no matter, right now i do have the time and this UFO needs to get moving.  ***** another gorgeous day here, not too hot but it was beautiful at the beach yesterday.  with my over-size sunglasses and visor, i have a raccoon-look sunburn on my face.  being able to go every good day is not quite as good as actually living there but still very enjoyable. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

monday plans

maybe today i'll finish off this little pile of scraps, cutting them into pieces for the christmas scrappy.  after these are gone, it's cutting into FQs and yardage for the pieces.  i am pretty sure i have adequate christmas fabric stash for this top.  since i am slowly veering away from bed-size quilts to smaller pieces, every one that gets done gets me closer to that goal.  ***** the pinks is ready for the binding, so that should be a finish this week.  **** and since it's monday, i'll do a bit of laundry to satisfy tradition.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

placemats out, wallhanging in

the patriotic nickels in my stash are no more!  i decided against placemats (2 things to quilt/bind) and opted for this.  could be used as a tabletopper as well, i suppose.  gave me the opportunity to use some pizzazz-y plaids too!  it'll get bound with either the blue plaid or maybe a solid navy, need to audition both.  today i have some drunkard's path leftovers that'll get put into an orphan block and THEN i can get back to the christmas scrappy.  i hope to finish quilting the pinks today as well, then binding and voila, it's done!  this is basting week as well.  the boston commons and lovers' links quilts will (hopefully) be basted by week's end and the lovers' links will be my next quilting task until it gets too warm; then i have some small pieces, like this one, that need finishing.