Saturday, February 12, 2011

new project

quilters, like savvy entrepreneurs and astute businessmen, are always thinking of the next project. so to keep in line with my fellow quilters i have pulled out my "civil war diary" book and started preparing patterns. this is the first of 121 blocks. there is no rush for this project, just a block here and there until it's completed. this is my version of Dear Jane, fewer blocks and easier to construct. and it seems my ex was wrong for i CAN draw a straight line with a ruler.....sometimes anyway. i needed a break from sewing little blocks together for the boston commons, at least for a bit. i'll be back at the old viking later today.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

slow progress

this is the top (or bottom) border so far. it isn't that i haven't been sewing up a storm (no pun); i've a stack of scrappy strips all made, just not attached yet. there are 12 more to add to this to finish it and then i can start on the bottom (top?). i've errands out of the house today, so won't get much done but maybe by the time the weekend's over, i can have the top AND bottom done. the sides too? no way at all. it'll probably be another week before the top is completed. i am determined to whack off as many UFOs as possible, still hoping i can get back to work soon.

Monday, February 7, 2011

more squares

yesterday i sewed all the squares i had cut into strips and they are patiently waiting for more, so this morning i pulled out more scraps and cut these. i know i won't have enough for the side borders, so i'm keeping my rotary cutter close for future action. it's going to snow again tomorrow (not much) so i'll save that task for then. hopefully by the end of the week if i don't get bored, i'll have my borders done, sewn on and the top finished.....we'll see.