Saturday, January 8, 2011

it's come to this

our apartment is one of several in a large brick building and comes heated. even so, in the winter the indoor temp vacillates from that of an igloo or a sauna, depending on the weather conditions. the windows are not insulated, nor are there any storms, plus they date back to the 80s i'm guessing. so, sometimes it is quite cold even with the heat on. yesterday i broke down and put the flannel sheet on my bed, along with my 2 quilts. while i love its cozy feeling, i know that sometimes it will be too warm and i'll probably have to wear my summer pjs and/or open the window a tad to be comfy. that's winter in maine, constant adjustments.

Friday, January 7, 2011

favorite cookbook?

paula is wondering what my favorite cookbook is....well, i don't do THAT much cooking, but I often refer to those by Marjorie Standish, a maine cookbook author. She published 2, "cooking down east" and "cooking...the maine way." i use others like "artisanal bread in 5 minutes a day" and occasionally download something from food network. most things i cook don't require me to refer to a recipe as i make quick things (shrimp scampi) or ones I know by heart (spaghetti sauce, veggie soup, chowder, meat loaf, fajitas). with only 2 of us and trying to eat less/more healthy, we often eat fish or seafood prepared simply or some chicken dish. many bloggers, like judy for instance, always post recipes/photos/menus etc. but neither mom nor I rarely spends that much time on meal prep. ***** short night last night, too much caffeine no doubt. with days that run into each other and no appointments, time is almost meaningless. no big deal as i can always nap during day or whenever, it's just that casual.

waiting for snow

it's coming sometime today, though not much "they" say. you know who "they" are, don't you? in the meantime, it's me at the old viking and watching TV, sort of, mostly listening. that's pretty much what we do in the winter in maine, sit around and watch snow fall. at least those of us who are unemployed, which is far too many sad to say.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

men's shirts?

a new beau perhaps? or taking in laundry? no on both counts. got these at the salvation army thrift today for about $1.50 each, 100% cotton plaid shirts. over one-half yard of fabric in each good is that? so, my TV time will be spent cutting off buttons and pulling out seams to add this to my plaid stash for an upcoming quilt project. remember, buy u$ed and $ave. i try to whenever i can. ***** a first for mom today! took her to a local Thai restaurant for lunch. she had never eaten Thai food and i'd been hankering for some pad thai so off we went. she thought all Thai food was spicy hot and was pleasantly surprised. a brief diversion in our otherwise boring no-work existence.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

bonnie's new look

bonnie of quiltville fame has a fancy new look to her blog courtesy of some techno-santa...check it out! looks sort of like the north pole, don't you think? bonnie could be our very own mrs. claus!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

(not so) extreme makeover

i've been pondering how to find a larger flat space for ironing/basting small projects etc. i've started the process today after repurposing a folding table we've had around for eons. i've moved some furniture around, vacuumed ALL the dust bunnies and the plan is taking shape. just a few small purchases to make to get everything in order and also make some curtains. once it's done i'll do a grand unveiling. it has been a challenge and more than once i have verbally expressed a wish for a larger room sans carpeting, but it simply can't be changed. even so, i think i can make it work. watch this space.....2011 came in like a lamb, a cloudy, misty, gloomy lamb. the sun peeked out once or twice, but tonight it's going to rain, so a sunny day has been put off.